Ganesh Godase and Pritesh Saitwal introduced us about the  BTC Monk

  •  Bitcoin Is Decentralized

Bitcoin is not controlled by one authority. Bitcoin is mined.  Ganesh Godase and Pritesh Saitwal introduced us about the  BTC Monk which is the fastest way to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in India. Easily toggle between cryptocurrencies and start trading. This is the process whereby transactions are added to the public record (this is called the blockchain) and corroborated, and is also the means through which new bitcoins are released.

All single computer that pits bitcoins and can process bitcoin dealings work together as part of the blockchain network. This means that one central authority cannot go into financial crisis or cause a meltdown, meaning your bitcoins are safer than the money in your bank. It also means if one part of the network goes down, there are many others to keep it running smoothly. 

  • Trade

A powerful order matching engine with an easy-to-use interface. Improved peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading experience. 

  • Secure

At BTC Monk, we take care of the safety so you don’t have to. Our folders are secured using multisig folders. We use business standard practices.

Bitcoin cannot be stalked as such. You can hold multiple bitcoin statements, which are not connected to your name, your actual address or any other recognizable piece of information. So, if nobody knows what your bitcoin address is, they will not know it is you.

All the information about bitcoin dealings is saved on the blockchain, which anybody can access, so try using different addresses if you want to remain unidentified or if you have many bitcoins at the same address. This can make things more secure and can make you, as the online consumer, feel safer when purchasing online.

  • It’s Simple to Set Up

Generally, banks can make situation up to an account a long process, comprising credit checks, and merchant financial records can be just as much of a pain. With bitcoin, you can create an address in seconds, no fees, no credit checks, and no complicated enquiries to answer. Before you think about endowing, check the current bitcoin price.

  •  Transfers Are Quick

Bitcoin payment or transfer is very easy, you can send currency from anywhere to anywhere and it can be reassigned in minutes. The blockchain just needs to verify the fee and it is done. There are no huge transaction fees for intercontinental transfers, but once your bitcoin is transferred, it has gone forever, except the recipient wants to send it back.

Numerous other features are also available. Use BTC Monk and witness the same for yourself.

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